Important Dates to Remember

Wednesday November 18, 2015 at 3:00 PM

City Council meeting for Resolution of Intent to form the District

Wednesday January 20, 2016 at 2:30 PM

Final Hearing and Vote 

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The Roosevelt 
Enhanced Municipal Services District

Final Plan

This is the

Stakeholders Portal

The information on this page is intended to inform the stakeholders of the Roosevelt Row / Evans Churchill study area.  Scroll down this page to see the progression of the process. To obtain the unlock code for some of the documents below, please Click Here to send an email - we will respond with the passcode

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Studing the feasibility of creating a Management District in the Roosevelt Row/Evans Churchill Area of Downtown Phoenix

People will have until the December 15th to let the council know their opinion.    If an owner supports the district they do nothing and if they don’t support it they need to file a formal protest.  All the instructions on how to file a protest will be included in the mailing.  The Council will then review the correspondence and determine if there is enough support for the district.

​In order for the District to be formed the Council needs to be assured that owners representing over 50% of the linear frontage of the entire district are not opposed to the formation.  Example:  if there is 1,000,000 linear feet in the district, Property owners who collectively represent over 500,000 linear feet of frontage would need to file formal protests, if that occurs the council cannot form the district for six months. 

As we move along in the process the documents below will help to give you an understanding of the properties within the district, their types and who owns them. We have also created a budget and work plan . Property Owners have been sent their annual assessment estimate and we are now asking them to give their support to the formation of the district. 

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The Business Improvement District

Community Forum

Below is a link to a newsletter version of the plan. This version is both printable and  emailable

Moving forward

Roosevelt Row/Evans Churchill BID

a work in progress

On October 20th the Phoenix City Council Downtown, Aviation and Redevelopment Subcommittee unanimously recommended  that City Council begin the process to establish the district.

In November, City Council will vote on a Resolution of intent, outlining the details of the district before final approval. If the resolution passes, a registered letter will notify all property owners of the upcoming final vote, which will occur in December.

See who is on the team

In June of 2014, The City of Phoenix contracted with Downtown Phoenix Inc. (DPI) to take initial steps to create an Enhanced Municipal Services District (EMSD) in the Downtown Roosevelt Row/Evans Churchill Area of Downtown Phoenix, and to take the pulse of the community to determine whether forming a district is feasible and desired.

In part, this early stage in the feasibility study was to determine the general extent of difficulty that would be involved to reach the specific voters tied to the parcels in the proposed improvement areas. While it is important to understand the level of tenant support for creating a district, it is the property owners that, by state law, comprise the voting body. Hormann & Associates wished to reach a sampling of these property owners and solicit their feedback on desire for an improvement district and its services. While county records provide contact information for the person of record, the parcels often are run by a trust or have multiple owners or the property owners don’t live or work in the community. So, the strategy was to begin with those property owners known by the stakeholders and solicit their assistance in notifying their peer owners of the opportunity to learn more about, and provide opinions on, the potential forming of an EMSD.

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