Maggie Campbell

has a 25-year history of leading downtown organizations and working with cities and business leadership in Texas, California, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Missouri. Maggie led the 2006 campaign to renew the Old Pasadena Management District, and most recently renewed Missouri’s largest district, the Downtown St. Louis Community Improvement District, for another ten year term. Maggie brings unique problem-solving skills that are applied strategically to align with any downtown’s needs. Having worked in both the public and private sectors, Maggie’s experience ranges from Main Street Programs to $4M Improvement District operations, and from innovative parking management to expanding membership programs. Her work has consistently attracted new investment, created jobs, and increased each downtowns’ visibility, while serving as President/CEO in such diverse communities as the West End District in Dallas, TX; the Old Pasadena Management District in Pasadena, CA; the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation in Arlington, TX; and the Partnership for Downtown St. Louis, MO.

In addition to leading downtown organizations, Maggie has a strong background in festival and event production, including sponsorship and business plan development for signature festivals as well as for developing outdoor concert venues such as the Levitt Pavilions in Pasadena, CA and Arlington, TX.

Ms. Campbell has a BA in History from the University of Texas at Austin, and has been active in professional organizations such as the Urban Land Institute and the International Downtown Association.  

Sagacity Principals

Allison Harnden

has led community transformation processes and created nightlife plans for cities in 21 states and provinces located throughout North America. She enjoys the challenge of facilitating diverse stakeholder groups and guiding individuals to understand and resolve issues, and forge collaborative strategies.

Allison specializes in dining and entertainment district planning, operation and programming, bringing a focus to strategies and best practices that develop vibrancy, prevent impacts, correct issues, and repair perceptions that affect daytime and nighttime patronage.

While employed with the San Diego Hospitality Resource Panel, Allison managed an eight-year contract with the City of San Diego’s Economic Development Department, which involved developing and implementing innovative programs to increase economic vitality and regulatory compliance in eight nightlife-oriented districts.

As the Vice President for Responsible Hospitality Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating safe and vibrant places to socialize, Allison spent eighteen years researching and developing best practices on numerous subjects, including entertainment districts, special events, entertainment venues and public space programming,

Ms. Harnden is co-author of Planning, Managing and Policing Hospitality Zones: A Practical Guide. She has spoken on various topics for: International Downtown Association, California and Wisconsin Downtown Associations, National and State Main Street conferences and the International Council of Shopping Centers.  

We maintain a heartfelt commitment to the success of urban revitalization as a core element of the sustainable community.


Nancy Hormann

is well versed in all aspects of commercial district vitalization, including district formation and renewal, executive leadership, district service management, and program development and implementation.

Working closely with property owners, City leaders and community stakeholders, Nancy has guided numerous cities in various states through the creation and continuation of improvement districts. Nancy had the honor of forming the State of California’s first property-based Business Improvement District in Sacramento, CA and went on to form twelve more BIDs in California. She is currently shepherding Flagstaff through the formation of the State of Arizona’s first Revitalization District.

With 28 years of executive leadership experience, Nancy also has extensive practitioner knowledge. She has developed innovative and cost-effective marketing and management programs. Under her leadership, Tempe’s BID took over parking management and enforcement from the city, earning a 35% increase for the BID’s budget.

She has served as President/CEO of the Downtown Sacramento Partnership in Sacramento, CA; the Central Dallas Association in Dallas, TX; Downtown Raleigh Alliance in Raleigh, NC; Mill Avenue District in Tempe, AZ and the Union Square Business Improvement District in San Francisco, CA.