We maintain a heartfelt commitment to the success of urban revitalization as a core element of the sustainable community.


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Dining, entertainment and socializing can provide nine additional hours of economic activity for traditional “9 to 5” districts. Whether planning for a new entertainment district or attempting to bring a chaotic nightlife scene back into balance, Sagacity Consultants are well-equipped to co-create and implement a successful night economy management plan.

special events:

Event-driven marketing programs are a must-have tool to vitalize downtowns and other urbanized areas. Sagacity’s partners have over 60 years combined experience producing signature festivals, concerts and special events. Sagacity can help design and implement creative event programming that strikes a responsive chord in your community, while potentially generating revenue for cities and businesses, and supporting the broader goals of a local community.

District Programs:

Sagacity’s team members are particularly adept at assessing the unique needs of a community, and designing cost-effective and revenue-generating programs that enhance the downtown experience. Expertise includes economic development, security, maintenance, parking/public space management, and special events. For established districts, we can analyze them for compliance with management plans, refine their efficiency and improve service quality and delivery.

Interim Technical Assistance and Training:

After formation, many start-up organizations lose ground as they attempt to launch a new organization, hire staff, and implement the new services and programs. Sagacity Consultants helps keep your new district on track, by adopting a temporary leadership role and transferring skill and knowledge to interim or new staff.

organizational development

  •  Board Retreats: Set priorities; craft annual work plans
  • Interim BID Management
  • Training/Mentoring: Skill transfer to empower staff and organizational sustainability
  • Concierge, Nightlife and Customer Service Training

Improvement District Formation/Renewal:

From concept to district plan to petition campaign, Sagacity Consultants provides guidance through all the details to evaluate viability of self-assessment mechanisms, and to create attractive, dynamic and economically viable improvement districts. Collaboration is our cornerstone as we educate, guide and build consensus through the district formation or renewal process. Our team acts as catalysts to ensure stakeholders’ shared vision comes to life.


  • Managing Nightlife Impacts
  • Destination Placemaking
  • Public Space Activation
  • Developing Revenue-generating Events
  • Conflict Resolution for Growing Mixed-use   Districts

services and expertise

economic development

  • District Formation and Renewal
  • Property Owner Engagement
  • Strategy/Implementation Plans
  • Leveraging City Incentives
  • Creating a Nighttime Economy
  • Profitable Parking Management

Sagacity Consulting guides the renaissance of cities, districts and town centers. Sagacity means keen insight/wisdom, characteristics our consultants have earned as seasoned downtown practitioners. With this unique perspective and skill, we facilitate community process, train and educate staff and businesses, and help guide your stakeholders to create great downtown experiences.